I've been passionate about advertising and design ever since I can remember. I went to school in London for both Marketing and Graphic Design, and worked at several ad agencies before moving back to Toronto near my home in Burlington.

My favourite things are 3D modeling, packaging design, motion graphics, video editing, web-design, UX design and branding. I worked in the packaging/retail environment for 7 years until late 2015 when I was hired as the Lead Graphic Designer at one of the largest private mortgage finance companies in Canada. My new home is now downtown in the Financial District
of Toronto.

I've learned over the years a key element of design is sometimes less is more. I try and keep that in mind with whatever I'm working on in order to communicate and connect.

In my spare time you can find me looking through the vintage red section at the LCBO or restaurant hunting through Zomato.

If you'd like to chat contact me.